monoton like monorail

I ponder about life. what’s life? what’s the meaning of life? 

life sometimes is monoton like monorail. how to not have life like this ???

the answer is FILL your self with JESUS! 
He’s the answer of everything..
He’s the alpha and omega..
The beginning and the end…

Your friends may disappoint you even you best friend disappoint you!
Your brothers or sisters disappoint you…
Your parents disappoint you…
Your leader/ps disappoint you…
BUT! God NEVER disappoint YOU!

He knows whats going on with your life! He’s interested with your life! He wants to know you more! But, it depend on us!!!

DO you want HIM in your life? or not?

Well.. this few weeks I learned lots of stuff…. We as human always have this high expectations to people and to friends around us (which is the human nature) however, it’s all in our mind. Only you who can control your emotions! 

I don’t care if you are a minister or a pastor or a cell leader or christians since born but the MOST important thing is having a CLOSE RELATIONSHIP with HIM is #1!!! Some people judge us by our public life (I think most of us) but He cares about our personal relationship with HIM alone. That’s what I’m lack of. Personal relationship with HIM! 

Let’s start this journey with God together…. Let’s encourage one another to have close and intimate relationship with Him!

Miracles still HAPPEN! Miracles do HAPPEN! Just believe in it! 

Isaiah 55 : 8 

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